July 5, 2015
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Freelance Editorial Services was founded in 1984. Since its founding, FES has witnessed a change in what editorial services are wanted and how they are provided - progressing from working on paper to working electronically, requiring skilled, technologically savvy editors; from working primarily in-house to outsourcing, from outsourcing locally to nationally to worldwide; and, as knowledge about our world has grown with daily innovations and discoveries, the growth of books from single-volume to multivolume treatises that require an ever-increasing amount of editorial collaboration. FES has met and embraced these challenges, and continues to do so.
Our website gives you entry to copyediting services performed by highly skilled professionals whose sole focus is quality work done on time. FES is a group of full-time and part-time copyeditors. Bios of some of our copyeditors and proofreaders can be found under Our Staff.
As the world of copyediting and proofreading has changed, we, too, have changed. Among our many innovations, FES offers clients the ability to review the wordsnSync Real-Time Stylesheet at any time.
wordsnSync's Max – The Real-Time Stylesheet (patent pending)
One problem with multiauthor and multicopyeditor projects is that chapters often are inconsistent and it is difficult for editors who work independently to ensure consistency among themselves. Even in the best of situations, it is difficult for copyeditors working at different times and in different places to coordinate — that is, until now. Freelance Editorial Services proudly uses the patent-pending wordsnSync Max – The Real-Time Stylesheet system, which is designed to promote consistency. When one editor adds an entry to the wordsnSync Real-Time Stylesheet, every other editor who is also working on the project knows of the entry virtually instantaneously, reducing inconsistency between editors. In addition, the most current version of wordsnSync's Max is instantly available to you, our client — 24/7. There is a lot more to wordsnSync's Max – The Real-Time Stylesheet, and a demo of it is available. To arrange a demo either call FES at 845-471-3566 or e-mail us at rhadin [at] freelance-editorial-services.com.
wordsnSync's EditTools
At FES we take pride in our efforts to ensure consistency and accuracy in our editing. In addition to using wordsnSync’s Max, we also use wordsnSync's EditTools. EditTools is a group of specialized Microsoft Word macros specially designed for editors. These macros increase consistency and accuracy in multiple ways. Detailed explanations of what the macros do are available at wordsnSync's website.
If you have a question about our services, visit Our Services or contact us by telephone (845-471-3566) or by e-mail (rhadin [at] freelance-editorial-services.com). Thank you for visiting us. Please come again.
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