March 28, 2020
Our Staff

Richard Adin
Richard Adin has a BA and a JD degree. He practiced law for 7 years before joining Matthew Bender as an Executive Editor in 1984. In 1984, Richard started Freelance Editorial Services as a part-time business to provide copy editing and desktop publishing services to publishers. In 1989, he joined Prentice Hall as Managing Editor where he was involved in electronic and desktop publishing and, in 1991, Richard left Prentice Hall to devote full-time to Freelance Editorial Services.

Carolyn Edlund
Carolyn Edlund has a BS degree. She has been with Freelance Editorial Services since 1992. Although she began as a proofreader with us, Carolyn is now responsible for Freelance Editorial Services' illustration and desktop publishing services. Carolyn is an accomplished artist (water color, oil, and graphite) whose works are in collections around the world. Before joining Freelance Editorial Services, Carolyn lived and worked in England where she did cover design and illustration. On her return to the United States, Carolyn worked for graphic arts studios as an artist and designer and did freelance book illustration.

Terese Platten
Terese Platten holds a BA degree in English literature, graduating cum laude with special honors in English. She has 4 years experience in book publishing with special skills in print production and text design. Working since 1994 as a freelancer, Terese has done everything from text design to writing press releases. In recent years, Terese focused on proofreading and copyediting medical books for professionals and college textbooks.

Ratul Hazarika
Ratul Hazarika has a bachelor of engineering (mechanical) degree, but after a short stint as an engineer, his love for reading drew him toward the profession of copyediting and proofreading. He began copyediting in 2000 for a firm providing editorial services to a range of clients dealing with journals and books on diverse subjects. Since 2000, he has copyedited manuscripts in the fields of healthcare management, nursing, psychology, social sciences, education, chemistry, and medicine, as well as history, engineering, and math. Working on manuscripts in a variety of subjects has helped him acquire extensive knowledge of the APA, AMA, and the CMOS style guides.

Danielle Shaw
Danielle Shaw has a BA in journalism and more than 15 years of experience in publishing. She specializes in medical and educational subject areas for both print and online publications. She has worked as the managing editor of Web-based publications for teachers and as an editor/writer for a university educational research center. Danielle has also edited medical, nursing, and veterinary textbooks, journals, conference proceedings, and client-sponsored supplements.

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
Ruth E. Thaler-Carter has a BA in Comparative Literature & General Studies from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and was a Ford Fellow in the University of Missouri-Columbia master's program in Journalism for a year. She has been writing, editing, proofreading, desktop-publishing and providing training independently for more than 30 years for a wide variety of clients, including publishers and other organizations, and has received awards for her writing and editing work. She has developed presentations and narrative versions of presentation materials for a variety of uses.

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